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Who calls themselves dr. soup?

While Dr. Soup is not a medical doctor, nor does he hold any doctoral degree from a formal institution of higher education, his honorific was bestowed long ago by his children who one day said, "Dad, your soup makes me feel good." "Yeah, we should call you Dr. Soup!" And so, we shall.

What's up with the soup?

The Dr. loves all kinds of good food, but nothing makes him smile like a hot bowl of soup. One day, the Dr. thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be swell if all the fine working people of the world could have a nice bowl of soup for lunch right now?!" Now (sometimes) a few lucky souls can...



This part is easy-peasy. Early most weeks the Dr. will Tweet and E-Mail all his "patients" a description of that week's featured soup and instructions on how to reserve a bowl. Quantities are limited, so follow directions carefully!

On delivery day, show up at the appointed time and place, cash in hand, and exchange it for a bowl of Central New York's finest. Depending upon demand for the feature and requests for traditional favorites, the Dr. may  deliver a very limited quantity of roasted tomato with basil or leek and potato Vichyssoise - inquire when the Dr. solicits orders for the week.

"Those pictures aren't soup" - The Dr., while editing this page
"They look pretty good though" - Ibid.

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